Jon Hopkins Premieres “I Remember” Video

It’s a Yeasayer cover from his personally curated Late Night Tales compilation.

Photographer Steve Gullick
March 02, 2015

Jon Hopkins doesn't seem drawn to the spotlight, but his work speaks for itself. He collaborated with Brian Eno and King Creosote and worked on film scores before releasing his breakthrough album of stunning feats of production and composition, Immunity, in 2013. Now he's teamed up with Late Night Tales to create a compilation of lush tracks for your evening wind-down. "I Remember" is his contribution to the album, a simple, vulnerable piano cover of the Yeasayer song. The video is a lush, softly blurred swirl of colored fabrics that look like they're moving underwater. The video's director Tadas Svilas, who The FADER talked to over email, thinks of video as "a vessel for viewers' imagination." He explained his intentionally imprecise approach to filming the video: "I wanted to present it visually imperfect, to get that organic look and focus more on abstract, emotional storytelling."

Hopkins also described to The FADER his process for selecting the songs for the compilation and stitching them together: "I chose tracks not just because they have been important to me but because of how they sit together, putting as much thought into the transitions and overall narrative as I did into the track choices. I mixed by key and by texture more than anything else, using original sound design, pivot notes, and often recording new synth or piano parts to link things together in a way that flows as naturally as possible." Stream Late Night Tales on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes now.

Jon Hopkins's Late Night Tales Tracklist:

1. Ben Lukas Boysen ­- Sleepers Beat Theme
2. Darkstar - Hold Me Down
3. Holy Other­ - Yr Love
4. Teebs - Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff
5. Nils Frahm ­- More 6. Songs of Green Pheasant - I Am Daylights
7. Jonsi & Alex Daniell - In The Sea
8. Evenings - Babe
9. Letherette ­- After Dawn
10. Jon Hopkins - I Remember (Yeasayer cover version)
11. David Holmes ­- Hey Maggy
12. Alela Diane ­- Lady Divine
13. Four Tet ­- Gillie Amma I Love You
14. School of Seven Bells ­- Connjur
15. Peter Broderick - And It's Alright (Nils Frahm Remix)
16. Health - Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix)
17. Last Days - Missing Photos
18. Bibio - Down To The Sound
19. A Winged Victory For The Sullen ­- Requiem For The Static King 1
20. Helios ­- Emancipation
21. Rick Holland - I Remember (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

Jon Hopkins Premieres “I Remember” Video