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London Producer Et Aliae Premieres “Only U”

Her first single on Cascine is a wordless love letter.

March 05, 2015

There are no actual words on "Only U," the new single from London-dwelling, Hemsworth-co-signed production whiz et aliae. Still, though, the track oozes with romance and feels like some kind of poured-over love letter; the hi-hats are like Xs and the piano plinks are like Os. The song is also super calming, which makes sense considering et aliae made the track as a form of self-therapy. "I wrote 'Only U' during a time when I needed to feel peace," she told FADER over email. "Working on the track was a way of bringing myself back to a place of stillness." The single, out now, is her first release for indie pop hit-makers Cascine.

Lead image: Anna Fearon

London Producer Et Aliae Premieres “Only U”