et aliae Recruits D∆WN For Her Prickly Lullaby “Sober”

From an upcoming debut EP on Cascine.

February 16, 2016

London-based, Singapore-raised producer et aliae is set to release an EP—finally—of her restless pop contortions on Cascine on March 4. It's called Rose, and if its first single is anything to go by it'll be as thorny as it is pretty—"Sober" is a silky ballad spiked with a woozy sadness, featuring smoky, wistful vocals from D∆WN.

"'Sober' was written as a song which plays on contrasting dark and light energies," et aliae told The FADER via email. "The distorted percussion versus the sparkling mallets, the warm choral harmonies versus the bright vocal stabs, the struggle between 'intoxication' and 'sobriety.' It was an incredible opportunity working with D∆WN, she was the perfect voice for leading the listener through a journey that is dark but ultimately liberating."


D∆WN added: "I always adore working with artists who allow me to paint my vocals over their canvases. Collabs like this are organic and turn out magical." Listen below.

et aliae Recruits D∆WN For Her Prickly Lullaby “Sober”