Tobias Jesso Jr’s Keeps The Hits Coming On “Without You”

We’re getting more and more excited for his debut album, entitled Goon and out next month.

Photographer Rose Marie Cromwell
March 05, 2015

Electronic music has overshadowed indie rock and pop quite a bit the last couple years, but popular taste can be unpredictable—considering the recent ascendance of Wet, recently profiled by The FADER, and the striking talent of this Tobias Jesso, Jr. dude, also recently profiled by us, maybe we should stay on our toes. Jesso has recently been rolling out singles from his forthcoming debut album, Goon, due March 17th via True Panther, and new track "Without You" finds him keeping the hits coming—like his other stuff, it's an earnest, lovelorn ballad that recalls canonical '70s pop by people like Harry Nilsson, but unlike a lot of music which obviously evokes another era's style, its engaging beyond the pastiche. The referentiality is a vehicle rather than a destination, and the trip turns out to be refreshingly heartfelt and pretty beautiful—stream the track above.

Posted: March 05, 2015
Tobias Jesso Jr’s Keeps The Hits Coming On “Without You”