The-Dream’s Kanye West Collaboration Is So Good That Kanye Nearly Hurt Himself

Apparently, ‘Ye has a history of standing on recording consoles.

March 06, 2015

Man, there are so many musicians appearing on ESPN's Highly Questionable lately that I might just go ahead and start watching more sports myself. PSYCH! Anyway: The-Dream appeared on Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard's show recently and mentioned that he's got something cooking up in the studio with none other than Kanye West. "I can't say the exact name of it because we never know titles until Kanye actually lets us know what the title is, which is like eight years from now," The-Dream chuckled. "He definitely almost fell off something, but we were there to corral him in the end."

When Jones pressed further as to what, exactly, 'Ye almost fell off of, The-Dream elaborated that it was, of all things, a fucking recording console that he was standing on: "[Standing on the console] is something that you usually never do, because the buttons are old and vintage, but Kanye will get up there. When he's feeling that song, he'll stand on every button on the console."

"The fact that we're both like firecrackers is amazing, of course. He's such a genius at what he does," The-Dream continued about his history of working with Kanye, including My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's titanic single "All of the Lights." "I've watched him stand on a lot of things in the studio, and almost fall off a lot of things while praising his records that he's done." The-Dream also addressed Lil Wayne dating his ex-wife, his first job, and whether he has sex to his own music; it's a pretty funny interview, all things considered. Watch it above.

The-Dream’s Kanye West Collaboration Is So Good That Kanye Nearly Hurt Himself