ISLAND Brings Pastel-Hued 1980s Drama To The Club On New Track

Stream “E Q D,” the first track off the Welsh duo’s forthcoming debut EP on Crazylegs, NOKIA.

March 19, 2015

The last time we shared something from Bristol label Crazylegs on The FADER, it was the immense ballroom/grime fusion "Bad Bitch" by UK producer Gage and Philadelphia producer/vocalist Kevin JZ Prodigy. Today we've got something new from the label, and it shows them keeping the good stuff coming: ISLAND is a (so far) anonymous Welsh duo that gave a kind of mission statement late last year with a mixtape called "ISLAND joints," featuring all-original productions that melded '80s textures with grime, R&B, and house beats. "E S Q," streamable below, finds them with an even more controlled sound, drawing a similar sense of retro-feeling drama in rich, pastel hues, but to even heavier effect—it's the first track and a strong leading statement for their forthcoming debut EP, NOKIA (artwork above.) ISLAND gave The FADER some backstory on the track via email: "E S Q ended up being the track we kind of based the whole EP on. It shows both sides of ISLAND: NOKIA wouldn't work without it." Be sure to pre-order a copy of the EP in anticipation of its release on April 6th.

Cover Artwork for Nokia: Brendan Bennett

Posted: March 19, 2015
ISLAND Brings Pastel-Hued 1980s Drama To The Club On New Track