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The Video For Chilly Gonzales’ “Advantage Points” Is Bloody Hilarious

A duel goes awry in the pianist’s latest video.

March 23, 2015

The Jonathan Barré-directed video for accomplished chamber-pop pianist Chilly Gonzales' "Advantage Points" is a funny one, even though it doesn't appear to be at first: as Gonzales and Kaiser Quartett perform the pointed, dramatic tune, a gun-duel plateau plays out with both shooters' imperfect aim leading to some (literally) bloody, and very funny, repercussions. The song itself is taken from his new album Chambers, which is out tomorrow, March 24; Gonzales tells FADER that "Advantage Points" is dedicated to, of all people, John McEnroe. "The "points" are staccato - clipped, insistent. I attempted musical pointillism with Wimbledon '80 as my backdrop. Try to imagine the waltzing B-section as the endorphins kicking in after a marathon - the transcendence of physical technique (using a racquet or a piano) into pure bliss. This could just as easily have been dedicated to Bobby Fischer, Glenn Gould or Michael Jackson's moonwalk. It all depends on your vantage point."

Lead image: Alexandre Isard

The Video For Chilly Gonzales’ “Advantage Points” Is Bloody Hilarious