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This Mashup Of Kendrick Lamar And The Seinfeld Theme Song Is Perfect

The internet: too weird.

March 23, 2015

One of the many intriguing elements of Kendrick Lamar's kaleidoscopic new album To Pimp A Butterfly is its imperviousness to memes. You're not gonna get any hot Vines out of rinsing, say, "These Walls" a thousand times, and that's totally okay—part of what makes Kendrick special to a lot of people is his ability to exist in his own world that he brings listeners to. The notion of anything from To Pimp A Butterfly producing a trend-worthy hashtag is, to say the least, incongruous with the album's contents.

On that note, here's a mashup of "King Kunta" and the Seinfeld theme, called "To Pimp A Seinfeld"—proof that if the internet wants to make something happen, the internet will try its absolute damndest to make sure it happens. Functionally, this mashup (the artform of which, in case you didn't hear, is very much back) is perfect; the first thing you think of when you hear "King Kunta" isn't "the theme from Seinfeld," but now I can't unhear it, which means it does the trick. It feels weird to listen to something to this though, right? Similar to the whole of To Pimp A Butterfly, it is thought-provoking in its essence. The mashup was made by a Soundcloud user named Jack Dudley, whose profile picture features him posing with what looks like Tommy Wiseau. Makes sense, I guess.

This Mashup Of Kendrick Lamar And The Seinfeld Theme Song Is Perfect