Kanye West And Dame Dash Have Confirmed They’re Buying Karmaloop

What will Yeezy be selling?

March 26, 2015

UPDATE 3/27/15 1:50 p.m.: Not so fast, 'Ye and Dame. Karmaloop and its CEO Greg Selkoe issued the following statement to Four Pins: "As we confirmed earlier this week, Kanye and Dame are among several people we've spoken with about Karmaloop. We're having a lot of conversations and seeing intense interest in our brand."

After a week of rumors about the future of online retailer Karmaloop, after the company filed for bankruptcy, Kanye West and Dame Dash have revealed that they're set to buy it. In a series of Instagram posts, the business partners, who already have a film project together underway, confirmed that they're taking over the business. "Generations of real fighters sticking together for the whole world to see...this was always the plan but shit is real and where not doing any bubble gum shit and I hope the whole world sees this and wants to do the same thing," Dash captioned one of the videos on Instagram. He and Kanye have yet to reveal their plans for the retailer but considering how Kanye has been talking about making his own H&M-priced line for a while, it seems likely that Karmaloop will play some role in that.

Lead photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kanye West And Dame Dash Have Confirmed They’re Buying Karmaloop