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A$AP Rocky Explained His Beef With Hood By Air And Been Trill

“[Those brands] just didn’t acknowledge or respect my shit.”

March 30, 2015

When A$AP Rocky's "Multiply" dropped last year, the Harlem rapper threw shots at fashion labels Hood by Air and Been Trill, shots that he elaborated on very briefly with The Cut shortly thereafter. Now, in a new interview with Complex, Rocky's explained himself further.

"[Those brands] just didn't acknowledge or respect my shit," he told the publication. "I feel like I started all that and niggas didn't even acknowledge my shit. Or respect my shit." He goes on to take "full credit" for Hood by Air's rise, and goes as far to speak out against the fashion brand's head Shayne Oliver: "Shayne's stubborn. He'd give me a sweater one year, a T-shirt one year. It was like that. I have a lot of shit from back in the day, and I'd say after "Peso"—because we have Hood by Air in the "Peso" video—by the time it hit 2012, 2013, he was ready. Because I was out there in the field. I just made that shit look jiggy."

As for his problems with Been Trill? He's a little more concise on that matter: "People want me to answer questions they know the answer to. There's nothing to talk about." OK!

Lead image: Rick Kern/Getty Images

A$AP Rocky Explained His Beef With Hood By Air And Been Trill