Kitten Premieres “Running Away”

The Los Angeles glam rock outfit chills out between albums.

April 01, 2015

Los Angeles Kitten is between albums, and the neo-glam rock outfit's spark plug frontwoman Chloe Chaidez has been messing around. "I've been writing a lot lately trying to push myself for the next record. Just working with different sounds and ideas not really concerned about any particular style," she tells FADER, presenting this new and blissed out number, "Running Away," as a fruit of those experimentations.

"It's not really a fully finished song yet and I'm not even sure if it will ever be on a particular record, but I think that it shares a similar sound as as some of our past tracks like 'Cut It Out' and 'Junk' but with a lot of emotion and kind of a nostalgic feel," she says, adding that it is "something that maybe a long term fan of the band would really appreciate."

Kitten returns home LA this weekend for a short run of shows at the Troubadour with Mirror Talk, Dear Boy, and Aquadolls. During that run, they also plan to deliver a new compilation CD of outtakes and remixes.

Lead images: Angelo Kritikos/Getty Images

Kitten Premieres “Running Away”