KITTEN set memories in motion on their new single “Memphis”

The first peek into their new EP, Honeymoon Phase.

August 15, 2019
KITTEN set memories in motion on their new single “Memphis” Abigail Tulis

KITTEN are back. Granted, they never really took a break: following last year's rousing Pink Champagne EP, the band's been touring alongside the likes of Girlpool, New Order, and Smashing Pumpkins. And recently, Chloe Chaidez has been shredding with Nasty Cherry, the rising Charli XCX-curated girl group behind "Live Forever." In between all of that, the band's been chipping away on their latest project, a new EP titled Honeymoon Phase. It's out later this fall, but today, they're debuting "Memphis," their most infectious track yet.


Taking it down to the land of Elvis and barbecue spaghetti, "Memphis" runs through a seedy scenario with propellant ease. As a frontwoman, Chaidez is skilled at switching on the glam rock hysterics, but here, she kicks it into cruise control as sputtering dial tones unfold around her. "I'm an Avril kid," she sings. "Yes, I said it. I loved her." By affirming it all to a deadbeat lover, she affirms it to herself: maybe the things we're the most ashamed of are the things we should be owning.

"'Memphis' is a little snapshot into into the chaos of my brain," Chaidez wrote to The FADER. "The lyrics came all at once in a stream of consciousness, and any attempts we made to edit them later dulled the emotion. The music definitely evokes the kinds of songs we heard on MTV and VH1 growing up, but I like to think there’s also a timeless, romantic quality to it.”

Stream the track below, and be on the lookout for more from KITTEN.

KITTEN set memories in motion on their new single “Memphis”