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Jay Z Might Be Pulling His Albums From Spotify

The rapper’s classic debut, Reasonable Doubt, has disappeared from the streaming service.

April 06, 2015

Now that he's part-owner of the literally star-powered streaming service Tidal, is Jay Z going to pull his catalog from other competitors as a power move? For now, the majority of his discography is staying put, seems like—but there's one notable album that's already vanished from Spotify: the classic 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt, which has been seemingly pulled from the streaming service. As of now, the rest of Jay's catalog is still on there, but time will tell if he plans for it to stay. In the meantime, read the transcript of Jay Z's Q&A with NYU on Tidal.

Lead image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jay Z Might Be Pulling His Albums From Spotify