Marilyn Manson Was Punched At A Denny’s In Canada

The singer’s manager claims he’ll press charges

April 07, 2015

Following a performance in Alberta, Canada last night it appears that Marilyn Manson was involved in an altercation at a local Denny's. According to TMZ reports, our favorite makeup-coated rocker was indulging in a post-gig meal at the breakfast restaurant around 2:30 AM when a man punched him in the face. Initial reports suggested that he may have had a role in instigating the brawl, but Manson's manager said that a man came out of nowhere and started threatening him while he was taking a photo with two fans. The singer was apparently hit in the face before his security could stop the attacker, and in the ensuing altercation his makeup artist was also injured. Manson and the makeup artist both reportedly intend to press charges.

Lead Image: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Posted: April 07, 2015
Marilyn Manson Was Punched At A Denny’s In Canada