Introducing Weed Week

It’s 4/20 all week long on The

April 20, 2015

To celebrate today's annual stoner holiday, 4/20, we've put together a week full of features that take a closer look at the conversations and culture surrounding cannabis. We asked a diverse cross-section of women what it means to call yourself a "stoner" in an often male-dominated subculture, and spoke with an artisan who's turning bongs into luxury art objects. We talked to musicians about why they love marijuana, and also those who have decided to leave their smoking days behind them. Finally, we dug deep into our editorial archives to round up the best moments in our expansive, globe-trotting, and sometimes goofy coverage of the stuff. Check back all week long for more daily features; we hope you'll be reading and sharing them long after the 4/20 buzz has worn off. Happy Weed Week!

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Weed Week
Introducing Weed Week