No One’s Downloading The Tidal App Anymore

Or at least iPhone users aren’t.

April 22, 2015

UPDATE 4/23/15 9:18 a.m.: Looks like 'Ye felt the heat from all the chatter—he tweeted about Tidal again:

In the three weeks since it was signed over to Jay Z and company, Tidal has seen a steep drop in iPhone app downloads. According to mobile and electronics website, in the last three weeks the app has slipped out of the top 200 top grossing music apps chart (after topping out at the number 19 slot) and out of the top 700 overall. Meanwhile, competitor streaming services have seen their sales "surge" (or at least remain strong)—at the time of publishing, Pandora, Spotify and Beats Music (which is an Apple product, to be fair) hold the top three spots on top grossing music apps chart, and are all in the top 25 overall chart. Not a good sign—but looks like Jay Z's next move might be a big one:

It's also been pointed out that one of Tidal's most visible constitution-signers, Kanye West, has deleted his #TIDALforALL tweet, and he also changed his avatar from the signature all-blue avi gracing the accounts of Tidal-supporting artists. Sad day.

Lead photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

No One’s Downloading The Tidal App Anymore