Watch The Intrigue-Filled Video For Honne’s “Coastal Love”

Sea creatures, money-lined jackets, and love-drugged bliss.

April 22, 2015

When I wrote about Honne's "Coastal Love" a while back, I mentioned that this is exactly the type of smooth-sounding song you want to experience in a stylish environment—and, as if on cue, here's the very appealing visual, which features some serious intrigue regarding a dress lined with money and a very weird-looking sea creature. The end of the video's pretty weird too, which is good, because I love weird things. The song's from the EP of the same name that's out in May.

"Based on our own first hand experiences, 'Coastal Love' is the product of being in a long distance relationship," Honne told FADER in a statement. "However we wanted to explore the positive aspects of this rather than focusing on the negatives. We are very excited for people to see the video. We love the fact that it takes you on an unconventional journey but still conveys the meaning of the song."

Lead image: Will Coutts

Watch The Intrigue-Filled Video For Honne’s “Coastal Love”