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Marc E Bassy Premieres “Some Things Never Change”

“I feel like this is about classic american dream chasing shit and what it takes to stick to your guns.”

April 23, 2015

Next week, smooth Bay area singer Marc E Bassy will deliver a EP that was inspired by a recent rough patch—bad breakups, band breakups, moves, etc—in his life. Today he is breaking off a preview of what that 7-song project by way of "Some Things Never Change," a hazy R&B/soul hybrid that is, as he tells it, about "classic american dream chasing shit."

In Bassy's case, the dream lays not exactly in cash and flashing lights as the hook might imply, but just to make it down his chosen path. "When I say 'money, fame' it's not really just that," he says. "I'm trying to convey that once you've begun dedicating your life to something like entertainment you can't really escape. It's an all of nothing path you take if you wanna sing these songs for everybody."

Marc E Bassy Premieres “Some Things Never Change”