Crystal Castles Will Release Another Album Despite Alice Glass’ Departure

Ethan Kath has been at work in the studio with a vocalist named Edith.

April 24, 2015

Crystal Castles aren't over yet. Even though Alice Glass very publicly left the band, with a cryptic statement ("My art and my self-expression in any form has always been an attempt towards sincerity, honesty, and empathy for others. For a multitude of reasons both professional and personal I no longer feel that this is possible within CC"), co-founder Ethan Kath has confirmed that CC will carry on. In an interview with Pitchfork, Kath said that he's been working on CC's next album with a singer he only referred to as "Edith," the voice on "Frail," which surfaced earlier this month. "'Frail' was recorded recently and released as a message that we are in studio writing and recording a new album," he explained. "The vocals are not my pitched voice (as on 'Violent Youth' or the album version of 'Not in Love'). A girl named Edith is singing."

Kath also clarified one other lingering question left in the wake of "Frail," and specifically the note about Glass' departure that accompanied it, where he reclaimed credit for his—not Glass'—lyrics. "I meant no harm to her, I was referring to her recent statements in i-D magazine that she left the band so she can finally 'be herself,' she was 'living a lie' in CC and she was ready to 'own her own darkness,'" he said. "I didn't belittle her or make any derogatory comments, I was acknowledging what she had already said herself. I wished her the best because despite everything, I'll always love her and sincerely want her to do well and be happy. I encourage everyone to anticipate Alice's solo music, I'm excited for it myself."

Crystal Castles Will Release Another Album Despite Alice Glass’ Departure