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Tidal Really Does Want To Help Unsigned Artists

The streaming service announces their Discovery program.

April 30, 2015

Shakiness be damned, Jay Z and company are still fighting the good fight to pitch Tidal as a platform that is for and by artists, those not (yet) as big as Madonna included. To wit: the streaming service has announced a new Discovery section that aims to amplify unsigned artists' reach. In a press release today, the company described its plans to include "new talent" in monthly playlists and to promote them alongside Tidal exclusives (like the alleged forthcoming Jay-Bey collab album, maybe?). Better yet, they have teamed with digital distributors Phonofile and Record Union in the hope of making it easier for unsigned artists to upload their music and manage royalties without the help of a third party. Maybe this is what Grimes was talking about. Or, as Jay has said, maybe "It's all about paying it forward [...] and discovering new music."

Lead image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Tidal Really Does Want To Help Unsigned Artists