Watch “Negrotown,” A New Sketch From Key & Peele

When Key gets into trouble with the law, Peele introduces him to a new world.

May 06, 2015

Comedy duo Key & Peele unveiled a new sketch today, the first preview of the upcoming 5th season of their show on Comedy Central. In "Negrotown," Key gets stopped by a racist police officer and Peele intervenes on his behalf, introducing him—by way of a peppy musical number—to an imaginary world where he can live free of law-enforcement harassment. "I think I'm getting it," Key exclaims. "It's like a utopia for black people!" "Yeah," Peele responds. "But seriously, shut the fuck up." Needless to say, the skit doesn't end in paradise. Key & Peele premieres July 8th.

Lead Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Posted: May 06, 2015
Watch “Negrotown,” A New Sketch From Key & Peele