Watch Two Friends Try To Pay For College By Running A Fried Ice Cream Truck

But first they need to raise a bunch of cash on Indiegogo.

May 06, 2015

Just in time for summer, indie film crew House of June is teasing Fried IceCream, a coming-of-age film for which they hope to raise $58,000 through an Indiegogo campaign. The film will follow the lives of two friends, Akeebah and Sloan, as they try to hustle tuition money for their last semester of college by running a fried ice cream truck in Atlanta. In the first trailer, Akeebah delivers a searing anti-Sallie Mae screed that's as funny as it is relatable. "Yo, Sallie," she growls. "Summer's ours, bitch." Another teaser, though, is a bit more foreboding: a classic summer scene, complete with hand games and hair-braiding, ends abruptly with a single gunshot.

Beyond fundraising, House of June has a broader goal: to challenge the dismal proportion of films starring and produced by women of color. "We believe there is untapped ground between Claire Huxtable and Olivia Pope that needs to be explored narratively and visually on the silver screen," they write. "Fried IceCream is a film that advocates for the stories of those who are largely marginalized by mainstream media. Through art house aesthetic and stimulating story, we aim to engage and entertain audiences with a well-composed film that offers fresh perspective and truer images," they add, referencing statistics that highlight racial and gender disparities in Hollywood. Watch the two teasers above, and visit the Indiegogo link for more details.

Posted: May 06, 2015
Watch Two Friends Try To Pay For College By Running A Fried Ice Cream Truck