Janine And The Mixtape Premieres XX EP

Listen to the singers first new project in two years.

May 08, 2015

With a voice that strikes a balance between Jessie Ware and Aaliyah, Kiwi expat Janine and the Mixtape arrived on the scene two years ago with her Dark Mind EP. The collection had incredible staying power—especially "Hold Me," which saw a second and third life with the release of big-name remixes from both Pusha T and Tunji Ige in recent months. Today, she re-ups with the release of a brand new and quite pretty project, XX EP.

In an email to The FADER, Janine listed off a few of the subjects touched upon within the spread of six songs: "The ins and outs of relationships—some we think of everyday, some we will forget until they pop up on a timeline somewhere. Exes of many things, home, people, and the people who were once home. The transition from hurt, anger, and regret to finding peace. Knowing that some people are meant to be visitors."

"You learn from everyone and everything," she contined. "That's beautiful. I dedicate this to everyone who has touched my heart, whether they left it warm, or scratched. This is about the people I have learned from and my gratitude to the development they [inspired]."

Janine And The Mixtape Premieres XX EP