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Zebra Katz And Leila Debut Snarling “You Tell Em” Video

Two singular artists, one special record.

May 08, 2015

In a lava-encrusted landscape littered with the burning husks of old desktop computers, US rapper Zebra Katz snarls lines about the sinister side of social media over Iranian-born, London-based producer Leila's hulking beats: No hands on the wheel cos you're posing in the car/ Snapping up your pictures with your girls at bar. This is the striking video for "You Tell Em," from a collaborative EP called Nu Renegade that the two singular artists have teamed up for. "Nu Renegade is an invitation into our world," Zebra Katz told The FADER. "This EP is a sonic rebirth for me. Working with Leila taught me that the machines are alive, it's important to play, and that I really need to get on with it and produce my album." Leila—who has released solo records on Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records, XL Recordings, and Warp Records, and previously worked with Björk—gets the last word: "Leila likes noise. Leila likes Zebra Katz. Zebra Katz like the 120s. Leila gets to to flip it." Zebra Katz and Leila's collaborative EP, Nu Renegade, is out now (order on iTunes).

Photo credit: Matthew Stone

Zebra Katz And Leila Debut Snarling “You Tell Em” Video