BEA1991 Makes Awkward Cool

The Dev Hynes-approved Dutch artist has just shared a new mixtape and toe-twitching video.

May 09, 2015

In her debut video last year, Dutch artist BEA introduced herself through a fog of steam, looming through the mist with cocked eyebrows, a selfie stick, and a mean catsuit. In her latest visual, though, she captures something more akin to an awkward encounter outside the steam room; wrapped up in white towels, she fidgets and bops her head while struggling to maintain eye contact with the camera as she sings her ghostly pop song "candid breaks the strain." The video marks the release of a free compilation of songs written in 2011, and the re-launch of BEA as BEA1991; it's a pretty striking visual that, as an introduction to a brand new popstar (a Dev Hynes-approved one, no less), is also totally weird, subtle and unassuming. We're here for it.

Lead image courtesy of the artist

Posted: May 09, 2015
BEA1991 Makes Awkward Cool