Lil Jon Taught Oxford Students About America

“I’m very good at helping people with their problems.”

May 12, 2015

Lil Jon has proved remarkably resilient, reinventing himself as a guide for crossover EDM hits after masterminding crunk in the '00s. How many performers are capable of creating massive hits more than a decade apart? Yesterday he added a new line to his resume by lecturing to students at Oxford, though he admitted that he didn't believe the invitation to speak was real at first. "I thought it was a joke," he told his audience. "Am I being catfished? Thank you for having me, this is great. I've never been to a college and spoke." The rapper/producer went on to discuss politics, reality television, and Kanye West. Read highlights from the conversation below.

On Reality TV: "I can't understand why people watch [those shows]. People are acting wild and crazy. I don't like the way it represents black folks in general."

On The President: "I think Obama's done a great job. It takes time to restore an old historic car - you can't just do it overnight. That's how I look at the administration that came before Obama. He put a new engine in it, he put some new rims, got a paint job. He's criticized, and at the end of today it's because he's black."

On Kanye: "People just misunderstand him, when he talks a certain way. He's just expressing himself, he's intense. I couldn't do the big spectacle thing. I'm on the road every day, I'm intoxicated some times, it'd take time to write a nice speech."

On His Alternate Career: "I'd be a psychologist or psychiatrist, I'm very good at helping people with their problems. In high school I was the guy all the girls came to with their problems."

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Lead Image: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Lil Jon Taught Oxford Students About America