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Raven Felix Premieres “ME”

California rapper’s new one is for all self-loving brats.

May 13, 2015

Raven Felix is a Snoop Dogg co-signed rapper on that cusp between teen and twentysomething. She’s from California and has impeccable eyebrows. Her new song, taken from forthcoming release Valifornication, is called “ME,” all caps. It’s about being young and lit, having a big ego and trusting no hater; lyrics like Told him lick it like a hot cheeto are silly but come off self aware. "I wanted to make something really fun and bratty-sounding, like there's a sarcastic smile waiting to come through my words at any moment,” she told The FADER. “It's something you can chant with ya girls on the way to the function." Are your girls decent rappers? Raven is kinda doing a Gucci flow.

Raven Felix Premieres “ME”