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Raven Felix Is Feeling “Trippy”

The Taylor Gang rapper is going up.

October 08, 2015

Snoop Dogg co-signed, Taylor Gang initiate, 20 year old rapper Raven Felix is going up. To mark her ascent, she's dropped off a new track called "Trippy," which is a zoned-out, half-rapped tribute to the high—in more than one sense—life. "Trippy is that moment when you lay down and everything is going slow motion and you have a moment to reflect on all the alcohol and weed you've smoked and also all the things going on in your life," she explained to The FADER. "Trippy is not just about how you feel when you are intoxicated, but also how you feel when so many things in your life are changing and coming together." Get into it below.

Raven Felix Is Feeling “Trippy”