Rich Homie Quan Discusses Controversial Lyrics And Miami Club Incident In New Interview

The rapper sat down with The Breakfast Club.

May 20, 2015

Rich Homie Quan has been in the news a lot lately, first for an incident in Miami where he allegedly attacked a bouncer at a night club, and then for a recently-leaked song that appeared to describe a rape in detail. He stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" this morning to talk about these incidents. During the interview, he also touched on his relationship with Young Thug, his dance moves, and his love of reading. Read highlights from the interview below.


On the controversial “I Made It” lyrics: “That was blown out of proportion… if you listen, it’s just good music. But it wasn’t even supposed to leave the studio though. It’s a studio leak, so I apologize for it, but that’s not what I’m on to, I never raped anybody.”

On his relationship with Young Thug: “We still talk… I’m just focused on my solo career.”

On his independence: “It was just an affiliation [with Birdman], I never signed no paperwork… I’m an independent artist… It’s got to make sense—I’m just not eager to sign something just to say I’m signed… what I want is something long term. If you can’t give me nothing long term, I’m going to stay independent and push myself the way I want to see myself.”

On common sense: “I got a lot of sense. I read more than I do anything… James Patterson is my favorite author. Very talented. I picked up reading from jail…I realized how powerful reading was in jail. That’s why some of my verses be so descriptive. Thank James Patterson for that.”

On his dancing: “What I’m doing [in the "Flex" video], rhythm and motion, I’m hitting a girl from the back the whole time… I’m not even a dance type of person, you can ask anybody around me. It just came out in the studio one day. I did that one show, I forget where, but the girls went crazy, so I just been doing it ever since. I don’t care what nobody think! But it made the song get bigger!”


On the Miami nightclub incident: “Yes I did come to the club on a boat. The altercation with the security guard, I don’t know nothing about that. The speedboat, I don’t know nothing about that…look at how little I am. They say the bouncer’s what, 6’8”, 300 plus pounds? Little bittie old me do that?... That’s Liv, they’ve got the best security in the world. I don’t recall any of it.”

On a movie career: “I’m not an actor. I don’t want my life even seen like that… I feel like it’ll take away from my music career, I feel like I’m doing too much. They had me audition for the Barbershop 3 movie…[as] like a street dude, some dude, it ain’t no barber.”

On his time in Rich Gang: “It was a great experience. I learned how to do things, I learned what not to do.”

Look back at Rich Gang before their break-up, and check out the "Flex" video below.

Rich Homie Quan Discusses Controversial Lyrics And Miami Club Incident In New Interview