Bomba Estéreo Premieres “Sólo Tú”

“The lyrics are all about the party!”

May 25, 2015

It’s been three years since Bomba Estéreo released an album, but they haven’t lost a step during that period. Today FADER is premiering the Colombian group’s insistent new single, "Sólo Tú," which cleverly mixes a ping-ponging, finely-detailed stream of hand-percussion with steam-rolling barrages of synthesizers. This two-pronged attack is guaranteed to compel movement.


"Sólo Tú" will appear on the group’s forthcoming album, Amanecer. "'Sólo Tú' is one of the first tracks we did for Amanecer," Bomba’s Simon Mejia tells FADER. "With the music, I wanted to achieve a kind of Afro/electronic vibe so the beats were oriented towards that, pretty up-tempo. We also recorded some kalimbas and a marimbula which you can feel in the mix at the beginning—these are traditional percussive and harmonic instruments from Africa/Cuba doing the bass and synth lines. Then the lyrics are all about the party!"

Look for Amanecer on June 2.

Bomba Estéreo Premieres “Sólo Tú”