Icona Pop Declare A State Of “Emergency” With New Single

The duo gets some help from Erik Hassle and a great horn line.

May 25, 2015

Icona Pop have been surprisingly quiet for a group that first exploded on the strength of a thunderous, shouting sing-along titled “I Loved It.” The Swedish duo unveiled a new track today, “Emergency.” It rides the same full-throttle beat as their first hit, but leans more towards deep-house: the Swedish R&B singer Erik Hassle turns in a surprisingly gritty vocal, while Icona Pop draw on the language of church for ad-libs like “hallelujah" and "mercy me.” The whole enterprise is glued together by a cheeky, squawking sax riff that sounds like it was stolen from a ‘40s dance song and dropped into the middle of a modern club.


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Icona Pop Declare A State Of “Emergency” With New Single