Birdman Owed The Government Close To $2 Million

According to TMZ, the rapper was recently forced to pay off a substantial tax debt.

May 26, 2015

TMZ reports that Birdman recently squared away a large debt he owed the U.S. government. Apparently he was roughly $1,942,400.5 behind in his tax payments; he agreed to pay the sum after the IRS threatened to take his properties and assets. Forbes put Birdman's worth at around $150 million, so this was more than 1% of his wealth in 2015.


The rapper is hardly the first musician to get into trouble with the IRS. The Rolling Stones famously fled to France in the early ‘70s to avoid tax obligations, and Willie Nelson recorded an album titled The IRS Tapes to help pay down a debt he owed the government. More recently, R. Kelly has had regular disputes with the IRS over million-dollar debts, and Lauryn Hill ended up spending time in jail for unpaid back-taxes.

Lead Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Birdman Owed The Government Close To $2 Million