#MonsterMonday, The Holiday Edition: Watch Future’s New “Lay-Up” Video

The rapper also released a remix to “Fuck Up Some Commas.”

May 26, 2015

Future has been releasing videos every Monday for weeks now, methodically adding visuals to the songs from his bracing trilogy of recent mixtapes. Yesterday he upped the ante, putting out a new video for “Lay Up” (from Beast Mode) as well as a high-powered remix to “Fuck Up Some Commas,” the Monster track that has been climbing the Hot 100 for 7 weeks.


The fun thing about the clips is that they generally involve the same elements—mainly Future dancing in a low-key way so that he doesn't spill the drink in his hand. It’s as if he’s been making one long video for weeks. Since the latest track in need of a visual is “Lay-Up,” the video takes place on a basketball court.

For the new version of “Fuck Up Some Commas,” Future incorporates the booming textures of Rick Ross and the stern sneers of Big Sean. “Threw a party with Future, that’s Futurama,” Sean raps, “got a future baby mama looking like a young Madonna mixing with Rihanna.” That’s the second time this week Rihanna and Madonna have been associated.

#MonsterMonday, The Holiday Edition: Watch Future’s New “Lay-Up” Video