This Wu-Tang-Clan-Inspired Beer “Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With”

A Philadelphia brewery plans a line of rap-related beverages.

May 26, 2015

Rap inspires all sorts of creative activities. The Dock Street brewery in Philadelphia is currently working on a Wu-Tang Clan-indebted beer titled “Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With.” The head brewer suggests that playing a non-stop stream of Wu-Tang while the beer brews may impact the process. “It started as a joke,” he told Philly Mag, “and then we wondered if the bass would cause enough vibration to move the yeast around and create some different flavors during fermentation.” Next on his to-do list: a beer inspired by Run the Jewels.


This is not the first time that rap has served as a muse for brewers. The Terrapin brewery in Georgia made the “So Fresh & So Green, Green” in honor of Outkast.

This Wu-Tang-Clan-Inspired Beer “Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With”