Hear Chedda Da Connect’s New Mixtape ‘Chedda World’

The wrist-flicking MC returns.

May 27, 2015

Chedda Da Connect blew up on the strength of “Flicka Da Wrist,” which spawned a viral dance move that helped carry the track all the way into the Hot 100. How many songs have inspired Vines related to both Shakespeare and the movie Dodgeball?


This week the Houston MC is back with another mixtape, Chedda World, which you can stream/download below. It features production from Nard & B, known for their work with Future, and the Atlanta mainstay Zaytoven. Between the release of his new project and the popular video of Lebron James and the Cavs dancing to “Flicka Da Wrist,” it’s been a big week for Chedda.

BUT storm clouds may be looming for Chedda: Lil B has now accused him of stealing his swag.

Hear Chedda Da Connect’s New Mixtape ‘Chedda World’