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Listen To “Mandela,” A New Song From Allan Kingdom

Check out the MC’s entry in the DJBooth Freestyle series.

May 28, 2015

After working with Kanye West on “All Day,” one of the toughest songs of the year, Allan Kingdom might have been tempted to capitalize on his new spotlight by dumping a ton of music on the internet as quickly as possible. Instead, he’s released tunes in carefully controlled doses: a fresh single, “Take It Easy,” and now “Mandela,” the latest track from the DJBooth Freestyle series. Here Kingdom works with a twisty, fluttering beat from Charlie Heat and Critical. “You just ramble on the page, then you ramble on the stage,” he raps. “Ain’t you tired of being lame?” Listen below.

Listen To “Mandela,” A New Song From Allan Kingdom