FADER Mix: Fort Romeau

The vegetarian producer serves up an hour-plus of house beats and beyond.

May 28, 2015

Genre jiggering producer Fort Romeau's FADER Mix opens with a random draw—the first record he pulled out of his bag, Florian Kupfer's "SAD 02." He worked from there, mixing live because he finds it "far more interesting trying to capture the moment." The result is an hour-plus mix painted from a pallet of electro oomph, manipulated samples, and silky ambience. Take it in below, and learn a bit about his eating habits (spoiler alert: he's veggie) below.


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. I'm on a bus in Camberwell. It's a typical South London scene, I suppose—I can see a man eating chicken out of a box and there's a woman screaming into her phone next to me.


You opened your FADER Mix with Florian Kupfer, why? It was the first record I pulled out of my bag.

What sort of vibe were you going for on this mix? I recorded it just before leaving for Movement Festival so it was just the records I was packing to take with me. I like to record these mixes live and with very little planning. I find it far more interesting trying to capture the moment than laboriously piecing something together on the computer.

What's the last thing that you read that had an impact on you, and why? Just read a great piece in the London Review Of Books about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. That and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


If you could have anyone spin your next birthday party, living or dead, DJ or not, who would it be? Tony Benn b2b Ghengis Khan.

What is your favorite thing to cook, and how do you prepare it? Tough one, too many choices. I'll eat anything without a face, basically.


Florian Kupfer - SAD 02
Dj sprinkles + mark fell - insights
Roy Davis jr - transition musical sense
The wamdue project - three toed frog
Rising sun - say yes
Tasty treats - listen to the music
Sound stream - bass affairs
The black madonna - we don't need no music (thank you rahaan)
Lee Douglas - New York story
The black madonna - exodus
Roger gerresen - mint (soul capsule's open drive mix)
Shan - chord memories
Ryan crosson & Aquarius heaven - head above water
Steffi - Reasons ft. Virginia

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FADER Mix: Fort Romeau