Gucci Mane Is Starting An Advice Column

Move over, Ethicist.

June 02, 2015

Gucci Mane announced today that he’ll be starting a new side-career as the head of a life-advice column. Email your questions to XXL with the subject line "Ask Gucci"—not "Dear Gucci?"—and trust that they will be passed along to the rapper, who is currently serving a prison term. His replies will appear on the site weekly.

Last month, XXL published a letter from Gucci to his fans in which the rapper showed a flair for the positive imagery and inspirational language that might serve him well as an advice columnist. "If you endure the storm you will eventually get your chance to shine," he wrote. "I look forward to showing the world how much I have grown and getting out and helping my community." This new opportunity may allow him to start giving back before the end of his sentence.

Gucci Mane Is Starting An Advice Column