Gucci Mane Will Be in Jail for Another Three Years

After 11 months in custody, the Atlanta rapper was formally sentenced.

August 20, 2014

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane was formally sentenced to three years—39 months, actually—in prison, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution back in August. This is following his arrest last fall, when officers found him with a handgun, 11 rounds of ammunition and a small quantity of weed. Since he's already been in custody for nearly a year, he'll serve 28 more months before being released on three years probation.

In an interview last summer, The FADER asked Gucci Mane if he thought his struggles with the law had made him more popular or appealing. "If it did I think that’s kind of unfortunate," he told us. "I take responsibility for the times I was arrested and the things that I did. Me being 33 now, I look back on those times and I wish that a lot of things I didn’t do. People wanna follow in my footsteps and I wish that I can now do more positive things, and that back then I’d done more positive things." 

In the spirit of becoming a better role model, Gucci asked the judge to be sentenced to a West Coast prison with a drug rehabilitation facility so he could distance himself from Atlanta and, ostensibly, stay clean. 

UPDATE 9/16/14: Gucci Mane has now experienced another legal setback. On Monday, the rapper was sentenced to an additional three years in prison, following an incident from last year in which he attacked an Army staff sergeant at an Atlanta club, the Atlanta Journal- Constitution reported.

Gucci Mane Will Be in Jail for Another Three Years