Dark0 Shakes Off The “Instrumental Grime Producer” Label On “Abrasion”

The Londoner’s cinematic new single proves there’s more to him than you assumed.

June 04, 2015

London producer Dark0 is one of those you can't really put in a box—not that people haven't tried. Among a lot of chatter about a new wave of instrumental grime, he's often name-checked as one of several producers leading the charge; but with releases like the vast sci-fi soundscape of "Gaia," he's shown that his own sights are set much wider.

With his new single "Abrasion," taken from an upcoming EP for Rinse, there's more of a cinematic feel to his production than ever. "I wanted to make a song that would tell a story of my current feelings of claustrophobia, frustration and ultimately, ambition," Dark0 told The FADER over email. "One that would start with nostalgia, take you through my ever-changing influences and leave you with a memento. A song to tell you that there's so much more to me than being some 'instrumental grime' producer, or even some joker, and that I have my own story, through which I've crafted my own sound. Finally, that I'm not afraid to operate within it and push its boundaries further than ever before. 'Abrasion' is me breaking away from stereotypes, from everyone, and emerging into a new place where I'm free."


Listen below, and catch Dark0 live in London on June 26th or in New York on July 25th.

Dark0 Shakes Off The “Instrumental Grime Producer” Label On “Abrasion”