Dark0’s new video is a freaky heist mini-movie

Take a trip with the trancey “Terra Gang.”

November 02, 2017

If you loved the rush of video games like Need For Speed, or the hallucinogenic thrills of Gaspar Noé’s Enter The Void, then you should cue up this new one from Dark0 right now. “Terra Gang” is a frantic track from the London-based electronic producer, taken from his full-throttle Xenotype EP, which came out on Adult Swim last month. In the video, a collaboration with director Rob Heppell, an abstract heist theme plays out in toxic-bright neon colors, blurring the lines between whether you’re watching an escapist fantasy, or grim reality.


Over email, Dark0 explained: “When I began speaking to Rob about making the video, I wanted ‘Terra Gang’ to be a story of a zero-sum game, and told by reanimating clips from makeup tutorials and racing videos — to harness beauty and belligerence and reframe this into a short ambiguous epic. I also recorded in-game footage from my favourite racing game to blur the lines between what is perceived as real and unreal.”

Director Rob Heppell added: “We began taking footage from YouTube accounts of users who provoke police to film themselves being chased. I was overwhelmed by the aggressive gender constructs within racing culture, and wanted to invert this by working with footage of women cosplaying as supervillains — characters created by worlds of endemic violence. Beyond this, there is no definitive plot, just a continual series of elements that lead you to the next, hopefully exactly long enough for you to realize that everyone involved has been deceived.”

Buckle up, and watch the video above.

Dark0’s new video is a freaky heist mini-movie