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Degrassi Is Getting Cancelled So Let’s Reminisce

...with ten of Drake’s finest moments from the teen saga.

June 05, 2015

The show that put a sweet lil' Toronto-based teen actor named Aubrey Graham on the Tiger Beat map is finally, sadly being put to rest. So let's take a moment to remember some of Drizzy's greatest moments as Canadian high-schooler Jimmy Brooks, from casual freestyling to learning about his changing body.

1. The time Jimmy rapped to save Ashley's lackluster cafeteria performance
2. The time Jimmy freestyled in a basement
3. The time Jimmy gets shot for all the wrong reasons
4. The time Jimmy confronts a bully
5. The time Jimmy talks to himself in a mirror then almost kisses Ellie
6. The time Jimmy woke up and was scared of his boner in Season 6
7. The time Jimmy did his best Michael Jackson impression at a school dance
8. The time Jimmy tries out for spirit squad and calls himself "Jimmy F. Baby"
9. The time Jimmy and Spinner pull the "chicken wing prank" on their teacher
10. The time Jimmy slut-shames Ashley so bad
Degrassi Is Getting Cancelled So Let’s Reminisce