Run From Sanity With D∆WN On Her New Single

The artist formerly known as Dawn Richard turns in the first Adult Swim single of 2015.

June 08, 2015

Adult Swim announced their 2015 singles series just days ago and returned promptly this week with the first entry: “Running From Sane” by D∆WN (she used to go by Dawn Richard). Richard quietly released one of the most adventurous albums of the year back in January with Blackheart. Her new track does not disappoint: it starts out with a jittery, off-kilter rhythmic barrage before the singer shows up with a powerful, call-to-arms vocal. “Put your hands in the air now baby, if you know that he drives you crazy.”

Download or stream the new track below, and check back in next week for Cherry Glazerr’s entry in the series.

Run From Sanity With D∆WN On Her New Single