Kanye Caught Smiling At Last Night’s Cavs Game

But not for long.

June 12, 2015

Sly & The Family Stone have a great song titled "(You Caught Me) Smilin,'" which accurately described Kanye West's predicament at last night's NBA finals game. The rapper was REALLY happy: in addition to staging his very own fake press conference, at one point the camera caught him in the stands with a massive grin on his face. But once Kanye realized he was being scrutinized by the whole country, he switched his face expression as fast as he could (though it took him a second to completely wipe away the evidence of his joy).


This isn't the first time Kanye has executed a camera-induced lightning-fast transition from happy to stony-faced. Check out the video below from a Chicago/Cleveland game last month.

Kanye Caught Smiling At Last Night’s Cavs Game