Spice Tackles Interracial Rasta Love In Latest Video

“No matter what they say, I love you anyway”

Photographer Alex Welsh
June 12, 2015

Spice is without a doubt a true innovator in the dancehall world, who uses her videos as an opportunity to tackle double standards and feminist issues, assert the need to be fucked the right way, and indulge in a little pirate cosplay when she wants to.


In her latest video "Baby I Love You," the dancehall heavyweight continues to switch things up: her blue-green mermaid tresses replaced with faux dread locks, the dominatrix vibe of her mega-hit "So Mi Like It" traded for the doting wife steez, and, most notably, she's swapped out her love interest—previously a fake Vybz Kartel—for a white man with dreads. Poised to deal with the naysayers of this interracial union, Spice preemptively shuts down the haters, letting them know that their love is solid as a rock. Nuff people sit down and a watch wi, and a chat wi / And a wonder wa wi still a do together/ Infatuation that is not the situation / It just natural how wi love wi one another. As her first foray into traditional reggae, "Baby I Love You" proves Spice's versatility as an artist, regardless of musical genre, race or any external trappings.

Spice Tackles Interracial Rasta Love In Latest Video