Killer Mike Is Finally Running For Office

“Thank you now go vote 🇺🇸”

June 15, 2015

After years of staying woke and making sense, Killer Mike (government name Michael Render) is finally, formally dipping his toe into politics. On Instagram and Twitter on Monday, he offered himself up as a write in candidate to represent District 55 in Georgia’s House of Representatives. A special election for that seat will be held Tuesday, June 16. (The previous rep, Tyrone Brooks, resigned his seat in April after pleading guilty to tax fraud.) Tomorrow’s race already has seven other declared candidates, six of them running as Democrats. Bet none of them can talk like this, though. Via a rep, Killer Mike had no immediate comment; he's probably busy taping his segment for tonight's episode of The Nightly Show.


For Mike's thoughts on cops and guns in America right now, read his recent FADER interview.

Killer Mike Is Finally Running For Office