How To Go To The Beach And Still Look Good At Night

11 New Yorkers on the outfits that take them from the beach to the bar without breaking a sweat.

June 16, 2015

At the tail end of a day at the beach—when you're a little delirious, a tiny bit sunburnt, and utterly spent—nothing sounds better than going out and sipping icy drinks until dawn. It's a great idea in theory, but the reality is a much more tangled affair involving damp trunks, stringy hair, and sand in crevices you didn't know existed. But there is a better way, as the 11 people we tapped for their sartorial savvy prove down below. Here's how you go from the beach to the bar with ease.

<h4>Adrian, 26</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Digital media consultant. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Montauk Point. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Tequila with lime juice. <b>Beach essential:</b> A boombox. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> Plan ahead: don't just get up and go because you're inevitably going to forget something.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> I always want to swim so I wear real trunks, not just shorts. But I always bring a second pair so I can switch and not be all sticky. I like wearing my shorts with an oversized button-down, so I look like a Hamptons dad. I hate wearing pants in the summer.</p>
<h4>Van, 23</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Photographer. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Williamsburg Waterfront. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Champagne. <b>Beach essential:</b> My water shoes. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> It's never a low-key thing.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> My beach look is comfort-wear shorts from D II, some water shoes from D II, t-shirt from D II. My after-beach look is some Adidas, your basic tennies, and a classic printed-button down with a nice summertime vibe to it.
<h4>Rebecca, 25</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Filmmaker. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Coney Island. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Pina Colada. <b>Beach essential:</b> A book. </p> <p><b>This look:</b> So first I was wearing vintage '70s shorts with a bikini top and kimono and hair curlers with a scarf. The curlers are for the party look after, when I took off the kimono and put a sheer dress over my bikini, plus heels and a leather jacket. And some more red lipstick.</p>
<h4>Ashley, 24</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Writer. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Rockaways. Last time I was there all the girls I was with took their tops off. I wasn't that brave, but I liked the idea of it. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Smoothies. If you throw some alcohol in there, that's good too. <b>Beach essential:</b> Sunglasses, it sounds dumb but the sun is very bright! <b>Words of wisdom:</b> It's fun to be half naked and just hang out.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> I guess my whole look is just "tropigoth." I have giant boobs so this is actually a sports bra. My night look is a thrifted blazer paired with all black. And it's summer, so no pants necessary.</p>
<h4>Ruth, 28</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Showroom Director for VFiles Third Floor <b>Favorite beach:</b> Rockaways. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Nutcrackers. <b>Beach essential:</b> Sunscreen, thanks Mom. <b>Words of widsom:</b> Set no expectations and go with the flow.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> I like to wear all white during the summer, and I think that my beach look and after-beach look are kind of the same. I'm a fan of clubbing at the beach and beaching at the club.</p>
<h4>Sean, "up for debate"</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Designer, Eddie Eddie by Billie Tommy. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Sag Main in Bridgehampton. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Lemonade. <b>Beach essential:</b> A towel. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> Run from the top of the dunes straight into the water, don't stop.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> This bathing suit's from the Beverly Hills Hotel, a good friend got it for me. It's great to wear when you're not at the Beverly Hills Hotel to shine on people. Then just a towel, I don't wear shoes or a shirt. Then it's an easy transition: change your boxers, keep the suit. Add an oxford dress shirt, plus a jersey to play it down.
<h4>Alexandra, 25 & Jasper, 20</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Artist and artist. <b>Favorite beach:</b> JASPER: Is Martha's Vineyard in New York? ALEXANDRA: We don't have a favorite New York beach. <b>Beach beverage:</b> ALEXANDRA: Coconut water. <b>Beach essential:</b> JASPER: A ball. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> JASPER: I almost got shot at Brighton Beach before, so don't get shot. ALEXANDRA: Watch out for needles. JASPER: And watch out for sharks.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> JASPER: I lost my trunks so these are just basketball shorts, and my night looks are just some Champion sweatpants and an Adidas T-shirt I stole from my mom. ALEXANDRA: Those are my sweatpants though. I'm wearing a Nike bathing suit with some DKNY sneaker things. For my night look I just added a vintage skirt and some green men's dress socks.
<h4>Hannah, 27</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Photographer and producer. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Jacob Riis. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Pina Colada. <b>Beach essential:</b> Sunscreen. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> Steer away from weekends.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> This is a wider pant that won't stick to your body. I hate putting on tight jeans after being in the sand. It all depends on what party I'm going to, but this is just a loose thing I throw on.
<h4>Olivia, 23</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Project manager and researcher. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Coney Island. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Coconut water and tequila gimlets. <b>Beach essential:</b> A silk scarf to wrap my hair up in, For my hair and skin, coconut oil. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> Don't make a set schedule. Play it by ear.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> To go to the beach I wear this straightforward oversize denim romper, so I'm comfortable, with a plain crochet bikini. I like wearing solid pieces so, to transition, I kept my swimsuit on but put on a white tunic. It's very straightforward, and doesn't wrinkle. I keep all of my jewelry on at all times. This silver and pearl body chain that transitions really well.</p>
<h4>Christopher, 27</h4> <p><b>Occupation:</b> Assistant at HBO. <b>Favorite beach:</b> Cooper's Beach in South Hampton. <b>Beach beverage:</b> Corona. <b>Beach essential:</b> Music, so I can participate or not participate. <b>Words of wisdom:</b> Bring activities and games in case it's not sunny. Have a back-up plan.</p> <p><b>This look:</b> I definitely like a button-down in case it's cold, and I like to bring an extra layer. I wear sneakers because they're super light but good for doing activities.</p>