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Watch More Footage From Future And Drake’s Jungle Tour

With a Phil Collins soundtrack.

June 16, 2015

It’s possible that Future is running low on new video ideas at the moment, but you can hardly blame him—he’s been releasing clips every Monday for months, and balancing that with the Jungle tour and an appearance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Two weeks ago, his video for “No Compadre” was strung together from tour footage, and he dived into the same territory yesterday, releasing a sub-two-minute clip of pre-performance scenes—Future chatting with Drake in the parking lot, Future saying hi to a shirtless Big Sean, the usual. As these play out, there’s an overdubbed dialog about how high the bar is set for the rapper: an associate explains, “you did a crossover, behind-the-back, they’re like, ‘Goddman, look at that move!’ Now they’re trying to see if you’re gonna go between the legs, fadeaway, and hit the shot to win the game.” Best of all, Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight” plays over the whole thing. Maybe a cover is in the works?

Watch More Footage From Future And Drake’s Jungle Tour