RP Boo Pays Tribute To Below Zero Footwork Crew On “Freezaburn”

Planet Mu will release the Chicago legend’s new album on June 30th.

June 16, 2015

RP Boo, as one Brooklyn night quite rightly recently declared him, is one of the fathers of footwork. The Chicago producer's been grinding since the '90s, starting out as DJ before getting into dancing and making some of footwork's earliest tracks. This summer he follows up Legacy, his 2013 album on Planet Mu, with a new long player titled Fingers, Banks & Shoe Prints. Album track "Freezaburn," the colorful video for which The FADER is premiering today, floats a looping soulful lament over jacked up taps and claps, sending the heart pounding in two different directions at once. As ever, it's that tension that gives Boo's sound its power. Planet Mu will release RP Boo's new album, Fingers, Banks & Shoe Prints, on June 30th, but until then, find out the inspiration behind the track below.


What was the inspiration for "Freezaburn"?

It was more of a way to make the track represent a footwork battle crew named Below Zero. I wanted it to not only fit the name, I wanted it to show the battle zone. The name is "Freezaburn"....freeze-or-burn. Stand still = freeze. Burn = in action footworking.

How has your approach to making music changed over the years?

I have come to a place of not rushing a project—when I start a track, I make sure to finish it, and not be in a rush, even if it's put on hold. I am always open to listening to something that can work me and a project that can stand out with powerful impact.

I loved your recent mix of Nozinja tracks. What do you like about Shangaan electro?

After I did the mix, I played it over and over for days and was wow every time on the energy that it displayed—the tracks alone! Shangaan electro is PURE DYNAMIC.

Rashad and Spinn helped take footwork outside of Chicago. What are your dreams for footwork?


My dream is to continue molding the foundation with worldwide support and more actual teaching of its meaningful style and sounds. I know it will outlive me; I do plan to live a long life and I do know someone will carry it on, and I want to know that that someone can do a greater job with the knowledge that they were inspired by one of the greatest to do it.

RP Boo Pays Tribute To Below Zero Footwork Crew On “Freezaburn”