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Rejjie Snow Premieres New Single “All Around The World”

It’s about “love and death” says the Irish rapper.

June 23, 2015

Hailing from Dublin with a tattooed tribute to MF DOOM on his leg, eloquent Irish rapper Rejjie Snow delivers his first single of the summer today. "All Around The World" finds Snow floating over a hazy, melancholic production by Chance the Rapper affiliate Cam O'bi, and spitting lovey-dovey sweet nothings one second and less-settling thoughts the next. "For most people, the illusion of intimacy is enough, but I planted the seed already," he explained to The FADER. "This song is just about love and death, like it's weird 'cause lately it's like I can see everything but only at a distance. This reflects that mood." Rejjie Snow's "All Around The World" is out now on iTunes via Honeymoon.

Rejjie Snow Premieres New Single “All Around The World”